Saturday, 27 February 2016

There's Only Grace

      To the ones in the fight, never forget that your faith will lead you exactly where you need to be.
Keep your eyes on HIM, not THEM!
Watch as she suffers, look at all her shame. Speak only of her failures; after all she's the one to blame.
Turn your back as she cries out for mercy only to face her in laughter and mock. Make sure you always remind her of all the wrong she's ever done.
"May you never know peace," they say. It's not something you deserve. May you never forget love is not unconditional, it's something you must earn.
She walks with her face downwards, weariness dominates her steps. The voices bellow all around her, "you're nothing but a sinner, your punishment should be death!"
As her heart leads her onward, mercy and grace is what she seeks. Alone she must find him, he said he would bring her peace.
Almost there she can see him, just a few more steps away. She trudges forward to her savior as they all scream, "you must make her pay!"
With her tears flowing freely at his feet she falls. She breaks a small jar of perfume, anoints his feet and begins to wash.
Silently she weeps for mercy as she dries his feet with her hair, so many around her were whispering, but she was much too broken to care.
The crowd suddenly went quite when he lifted her face in his hands. His eyes were so kind and full of mercy as he thanked her for her offering and helped her to stand.
He turned to the crowd and softly asked, why are your curses so loud and your offerings to me so meak? After all it was the sinner, not the saint, that used her tears to wash my feet.
He gave her his peace and mercy and sent her on her way. Too bad this is just a story in the Bible that isn't practiced today.
Where is Jesus in your condemnation? Where is this Saviour of whom you preach? You ignore the speck in your own eye, while too busy pointing your finger at me!
How ironic that you judged me, your hurtful words paved my way. For what you meant to harm me only led me straight to grace.
-Melissa Garcia xoxo
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